Our Barrel Picks

All MSL Store Barrel Picks are limited quantity.

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Russell’s Reserve
Here it is, MSL’s first candy barrel of ’23! We’ve got a barrel pick of Russell’s Reserve from Wild Turkey that absolutely surpasses all expectations in every category. Coming in at around eight and half years in oak and 110 proof, this Turkey is no turkey. Our Russell’s Reserve shows off three generations of distilling tradition from the Russell family (with input from grandson Bruce). Sweet caramel, luscious vanilla and crème brûlée stand out on the palate, and that sweetness translates to the nose as well. Sweet charred oak and burnt sugar round out a delicious and dangerously drinkable long finish. A bourbon this tasty is easily enjoyed neat (the proof is nothing to worry about here, folks), or with a little ice or water just to open up some more subtle notes of toasted oak and tobacco. Pair all this flavor with an outstanding price and plenty of bottles (as of this writing) available, and this Russell’s Reserve pick is a must on every bourbon lover’s shelf, and a worthwhile contender for a daily drinker.
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Cask Strength "On the Wedge" is delicious and mature at 120 proof, notes of toasted marshmallow and warm caramel shine early in the flavor profile. Rich toasted oak lingers for a long finish, and very low acidity or ethanol burn for its substantial 120 proof. A perfect winter bourbon, best enjoyed neat or perhaps with an ice sphere (but don't be intimidated by its bottling proof; it's smooth enough sans ice!).
Elijah Craig
Can’t stand the heat? Try a different bourbon! Our newest barrel pick from Elijah Craig is all about intensity. Coming in at 130.9 proof, this single barrel, barrel strength bourbon delivers big on proof and flavor. Strong opening notes of caramel, burnt brown sugar and sweet charred oak linger on the palate. The nose is all sweet wheat and wood sugars, and the higher proof adds to a long, warming finish of cherries and baking spice. 8 years in oak gives a maturity and complexity to what could otherwise be an overwhelming bourbon, and this one is best enjoyed with a little water or ice. On the coldest nights, give it a try neat - while maybe taking a step away from the bonfire! Very limited quantities of this gem are available, both in the package store and Lounge.