Our Barrel Picks

All MSL Store Barrel Picks are limited quantity.

Please call the store at (850) 893-9636 to see if a certain pick is still available.

All Barrel Picks are only available for purchase IN STORE ONLY.

 Upcoming Barrel picks are Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (128.8), Elijah Craig Single Barrel (94 proof), Two Russell's Picks and a new Yellowstone Pick.  Check this website and our Facebook page for updates on new arrivals.  



Willet 7 year Rye Single Barrel
This spectacular Rye starts with aromas of cinnamon spice with hints of caramel and undertones of typical rye spice.   As you take the first sip you find a richness with flavors of caramelized apple, hints of black pepper, molasses and dried fruit with hints of chocolate.  The 110.2 proof isn't noticeable as the palate is silky smooth.   This is our first Willet Rye Barrel Pick.  Outstanding (only 192 bottles made).  Call store for availability. 850-893-9636
Maker's Mark Private Selection "MSL 2023 Unconquered"
Our first Maker's Mark Barrel Selection.  This particular stave profile we used accentuates the vanilla and caramel notes, but adds great notes of cinnamon and nutmeg as well adding wonderful complexity to the normal Maker's Mark profile. The finish has delicious dried fruit with cherry and pear accents.   
Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrel
Market Square's newest barrel selection of Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrel is an elegant offering from one of Kentucky's most venerated distillers.  Chosen for its gorgeous tawny color, sweet and smooth nose, and a palate that's both gentle and robust, this single barrel offers far more flavor than it's modest price tag would suggest.  With a strong oak and brown sugar nose, the flavors give way to green tea, spiced apple and maple.  With far less heat than its 100 proof would suggest, there's nothing this Jefferson's Reserve needs to be enjoyed other than to crack the bottle and start pouring!!
Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength Single Barrel
Sea legs not required for Market Square's latest pick of Jefferson's Ocean.  Aged at sea- with a voyage that traverses the Panama Canal no less!- this bourbon is every bit Kentucky's finest.  Bottled at cask strength, there's no danger of diluting this treasure with ice or water.  All of its rich aroma and flavor is enhanced by the extra salinity of the sea, and all without a harsh alcohol burn either.  A sweet and smoky oak nose hint at the saltwater taffy and green tea flavors just below the initial wave of caramel and brown sugar.   Treat yourself to the most interesting thing Jefferson has had to offer in a while!
Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength OBSQ
Classic OBSQ flavors come out in our barrel pick from Four Roses.  Nice spicy  aromas from the high rye mash bill hit you when you first nose t delicious bourbon.   Swirl the glass a bit and the floral notes start to intermingle with the spicy rye aromas for an enticing nose that keeps bringing you back for more.   This is not for the faint of heart with a robust, spicy entry with a nice hint of caramel and toffee.   Perfect for sitting in front of the fire pit. 
Maestro Dobel MSL "Diamond Hands 3.0" Diamante Resposado"
A beautiful sipping tequila with herbal aromas, hints of pepper, savory botanicals and grassiness.  When the tequila hits your mouth you immediately get a hit of coolness followed by agave sweetness with the savory pepperiness coming in on the finish.   Savor this tequila with ice, lime and your good friends
Maestro Dobel MSL "Diamond Hands 2.0" Extra Anejo
Finally a tequila for the bourbon drinker,   Pleasantly woody, rich vanilla and still enough spice and floral notes to know it's a glass of tequila in your hands.  Our first unanimous decision on a tequila pick.  
Yellowstone Barrel Pick "Porch Pickin' 2023"
 This is a little spicier than last years pick.   Wonderful aromas of caramel, spice, light fruit and a nice hit of oak.   The palate shows the spiciness with the roundness coming on the mid palate and finish.   A worthy successor to last years barrel pick.