Kelley Fox Blueberry Wine 2022

As soon as the cork is pulled out of the bottle, wonderful aromas of fresh blueberries fill the room. One would think that in the glass, then, that it would be overwhelming. Not so. It has an immensely pleasing, refreshing blueberry aroma that is fine-not clunky or overbearing. The youthful, bluish red colour is deeper than that of my Pinot noirs, but the wine is brilliantly transparent, full of movement, and has a silky texture like grape wine without any viscous heaviness. The acidity and structure beautifully support the fruit and this wine is far from simple. Blueberries love growing here, and I can’t imagine an Oregon summer without our berries. So here is some Oregon summer for you in a glass. I hope you enjoy this wine as much as Jim and I do! 88 cases made  - Winery Website